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Get Ready for Spring Landscape Designs

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Spring Is Upon Ottawa—Is Your Yard Ready?

Spring has sprung, but you wouldn’t know it looking at your yard and garden. While we may have just experienced one of the warmest winters of the past two decades, there was still a fair amount of snow, ice, and frigid temperatures wreaking havoc on your lawn. One of the most important aspects of landscape design in Ottawa is ensuring you have a healthy base to start with. Here are some great tips for getting your yard ready for the spring:

Clean Up

Once the snow is gone, your yard is pretty much clean, right? Wrong! Most likely, it’s covered in dead leaves, broken twigs, and other accumulated debris. Go through with a rake and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty picking up the bigger things. This is also a great time to look for bare patches that need reseeding and apply fresh mulch around the roots of plants and trees. This will help keep the soil in ideal conditions and deter unwanted weeds. Finish by removing any weeds and pruning damaged plants.

Cut, Aerate, and Fertilize

You may not be able to aerate your lawn until the soil is soft and dry enough, so don’t rush it—but don’t skip it either! Aerated lawns tend to absorb oxygen and moisture more easily, giving vitality to the grass. Next, before you mow your lawn for the first time, make sure you have a sharp, fresh blade on your lawnmower—duller blades don’t so much cut as they rip, causing more damage and compromising your lawn’s health. Finally, you can begin applying fertilizer.

Begin Planting New Additions

A great landscape design in Ottawa needs great plants, and great plants need great soil. Factor in your type of soil, how sun and shade play into your yard, and which plants will work best. Purchase a soil test kit to determine the pH level of your soil—ideally it should be between 6.0 and 7.0. The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants will be that grow in it.

Make It Exciting

Bring in new plants that add a splash of colour to your home, and arrange them in layers to create a dynamic feeling around your yard. Work around existing architectural features, or even incorporate new ones, and don’t be afraid to create a bold focal point that draws the attention of guests and neighbours alike.

Winter may have been cold and harsh on your lawn, but it’s time now to breathe new life into it. Get ready for spring and summer weather with exceptional landscape design in Ottawa!

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