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Why Do We Charge
for a Professional Landscape Design?

Why Do We Charge for a Professional Landscape Design? 2018-10-19T08:57:22-05:00

“We want to build the best possible landscape for you and we believe that preparation is key.”

Think of it like this: would you ever build a house without a plan?

Why should landscaping be any different? A quality landscape plan provides an accurate scope of the work, materials, plant materials, grades, options available, and budget requirements. It also provides colour comparisons, and a better perspective of size, shapes, item placement, focal points, and practicality of the space.

A landscape plan done right can also increase the value of the home (as much as 15% over comparable houses), and it usually takes into consideration sustainability and/or low maintenance designs for the busy home owner.

Our Designers spend a lot of energy and expertise on this part of the project. The client has a clear vision of the landscape from the get-go, and with a solid design, their expectations–as well as the contractor’s–are clearly defined. Other companies may decide not to charge a fee but decide instead to rush this process in order to better their chances of getting the job done, and hopefully to recover these costs during the building phase. We want to do it right from the start, and hope that you decide to contract us for the building phase as well. If you do, the full design fee is credited towards your final bill.

Numerous Design Options Available

Black and White


3D Rendering

Finished Design

Photos below are the finished product of the designs above

“We want to do it right from the start”