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Let There Be Light!

5 Ways to Add Some Style to Your Backyard

Market researchers project the outdoor lighting market size will reach $21.95 billion by 2023. The growing demand for energy-efficient lighting systems worldwide will fuel the growth of this industry.

Have you thought about how to choose the perfect lighting for your backyard? Or, how to highlight your backyard with light? OK, that pun was a bit intended, sorry.

Outdoor lighting colours can help boost the aesthetic of your home. Besides, you’ll enjoy enhanced safety and security with outdoor lighting ideas.

By increasing your home’s aesthetic value, the value of your property also increases. Decorations for backyards will make your spaces more enjoyable to relax and unwind.

Read on to learn five ways to add some style to your backyard.

1. String Lights

These are soft and low-voltage LED lights for backyards. String lighting will evoke a warm and intimate atmosphere. Most individuals desire these outdoor lighting systems for entertainment purposes.

You can hang string lights anywhere in the backyard of your home. Some will hand string lights on the house’s eaves to illuminate an outdoor kitchen space.

You can also hang these lights on the posts of your outdoor gazebo or pavilion to provide sufficient lighting.

It’s recommendable to buy waterproof and rechargeable string lights. You can opt for traditional battery-powered or solar-powered string lights.

The solar-powered string lights have a remote solar panel system. Also, ensure your solar-powered string lights come fitted with durable LED bulbs. Doing so saves you the need to run extension wires across your backyard.

These LED bulbs also boost the lighting in the far corners of your backyard with no electrical outlets.

2. Path Lights

This is a moderately bright safety and landscaping lighting. This outdoor lighting helps you to traverse walkways and, at the same time, highlight them.

You can install your path lighting alongside both sides of your main walkways. You can also have path lighting installed along with the stepping stones from the main walkway to a backyard feature such as a fountain.

Usually, path lighting systems come in low voltage of about 12 to 15V. Other options include solar LED lighting systems.

These consist of decorative bulb housing units with a short stake driven into the ground. You’ll need to use a transformer when using low-voltage path lighting systems.

The transformer steps down the 120V house current to 12V.

On the other hand, energy-saving solar lighting systems need no extra wire connections. Even though your walkways might have some shading, these lighting systems remain bright for a few hours after dusk.

3. Lanterns

Usually, you install lanterns in the regions of the back door to highlight a glass window. Lanterns provide moderately soft, low-voltage resonance lighting for a small stretch of an outdoor wall.

Most of these outdoor lighting systems have a semi-flush mount. A glass and metal exterior join an arm fixed to a plate on the wall.

You can also decide to use battery-powered tabletop lanterns. You’ll enjoy a similar visual effect as the mounted lantern would provide.

Tabletop lantern lighting allows you to see the items you want to reach out for during outdoor entertainment. These can include a bowl of snacks, board games, and drinks.

It’s advisable to install lantern lighting systems with a translucent rather than clear glass covering. This measure will provide diffuse, glare-free lighting that won’t distract from other backyard lighting systems.

You can also buy lantern lighting with solar chargeable LED systems. These allow for two power modes that either can last all day or sense darkness to turn on.

4. Deck Outdoor Lighting

These are moderate to high-intensity outdoor lighting with standard voltage. The deck lighting design helps you move up, down, and across the deck during the night.

Proper deck lighting cuts the risks of tripping over and visual confusion. Besides, your deck light makes your nearby garden features more visible to the passersby.

You should install your outdoor deck lighting as a series of LED lights sunken into trenches on the surface. You can safely walk over the lighting without feeling them underfoot.

You can also install your deck lighting around the perimeter of the surface of your decks. The deck lights can be two inches in diameter and around three-quarters inches deep. You must also choose deck lights that can withstand adverse weather and human foot traffic.

This measure helps your outdoor lighting maintain an economical, prolonged glow.

5. Spot Lights

You can also refer to spotlighting as up-lighting or landscape lighting. Spotlights are standard voltage outdoor lighting systems.

Spotlighting shines a narrow, moderate to high-intensity light beams upwards. Often, spotlights showcase a plant or decorative feature.

You can install your spotlights on or above the ground level and under the tall trees in your backyard. Spotlighting around a lawn decoration makes it stand out to look dignified.

Bullet-shaped spotlights with a base driven into the ground with a stake can light taller objects like trees. Adjust the head of the bullet lights sitting above the ground to cast bright beams of light upwards over shorter expanses.

You can try well and round lights for shorter ornamental features in your backyard. Push these spotlights into the ground to project light beams upwards over shorter distances.

Since well and round lights get hidden into the ground, your small garden decorative features become the centre of all attraction.

Warm White vs. Cool White

The most significant disparity between warm and cool white light bulbs is the emitted colour. Warm white gives a warm feel and is dimmer than cool white light bulbs.

Cool white light bulbs give more brightness and a blue tinge effect. The white bulbs are often found in kitchen spaces, utility rooms, offices, and bathrooms.

Warm white bulbs are best suited for bedrooms, living rooms, and your backyard garden, especially during the summer.

Let Professionals Help Bring Your Outdoor Lighting Idea to Life

Choosing the best outdoor lighting can be a daunting task with many options at your disposal. You’ll need to consider your backyard lighting budget.

Your budget should include buying the LED lighting for backyards and installation labour costs.

The brand of your LED bulbs is essential when thinking about how to highlight my backyard with light. Going for the best brands will guarantee you quality and long-lasting lighting bulbs.

Contact us to learn more about how to choose the perfect lighting for my backyard.

If you are thinking of completely upgrading your backyard, be sure to review our backyard landscaping packages.


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