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Maintaining Interlock: Ottawa Winter Edition

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Tips from Ottawa Landscapers for Winter Maintenance of Your Interlocking Pavers

If you’ve taken the time to install interlock in Ottawa, then you’re already one step of the way towards ensuring that your walkway, driveway, or patio is ready for the area’s cold winters. That’s because, unlike traditional asphalt, interlocking pavers are very unlikely to be damaged by the process of expanding and contracting with the cold—and even when they are, it’s a matter of replacing individual pavers, not the entire thing. This is because the spaces in between the individual bricks allow a certain degree of cushioning from environmental stresses. However, there are a few more steps to make sure your interlock still looks great once winter is over. Follow these tips from Ottawa landscapers to help your pavers through the winter:

Be Mindful of Your Ice Melt

Ice melt products are a wide array of things designed to do exactly that—melt away ice and create traction so that your walkways are safer. However, not all ice melts are the same, and you should be very conscious of which ones you use around your home. Ottawa interlock experts recommend that you only use products that are rated as being safe for concrete and brick, and that are non-corrosive, lest you do more harm than good.

Watch That Shovel

Of course, ice isn’t going to be the only thing you’ll have to contend with over the winter. There’s also snow, which is thankfully much easier to get rid of—though you should be no less careful. A shovel with a metal edge can chip, crack, scratch, and otherwise damage your concrete pavers. What do Ottawa landscapers suggest? The easiest solution is either a plastic shovel, or one with a plastic or rubber edge on it.

Perform Aftercare in Spring

Your interlocking pavers may need a little extra love when the spring season rolls around again. Start by giving them a good wash to clear away salt, dirt, and other unwanted residue the winter has left behind. Feel free to use the pressure washer to blast it away. If you are concerned about washing away some of the sand that is used between the pavers, you can buy replacement sand. Just simply sprinkle it generously over your pavers and then sweep it into the joints. If you notice that any of the pavers have been damaged during the freeze-thaw cycle, or that heaved or raised pavers haven’t resettled now that the winter cold is gone, you should contact your Ottawa landscapers to help alleviate the issue.

And just like that, your interlock patio, walkway, or driveway will be in fantastic shape when the winter ends. Seasonal maintenance of interlock in Ottawa really is that easy!

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