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Ottawa Interlock Companies Offer Borealis: Concrete Slab that Mimics Wood

Last summer my friend Lisa had just gotten her backyard landscape redone and wanted me to be the first to see it. I was excited and curious to see what it would look like. Just from her kitchen window, I could see how much more practical her pool area was now. As we headed outside through the back door to find the pool chairs, she told me a landscape Ottawa designer had worked with her to create the perfect retreat for her. She also told me that if I needed any landscaping work done that I should check out Ottawa interlock companies in the area.

The more I looked at her backyard the more I loved it. I wanted an exotic pool area for my property too. I needed to contact these Ottawa interlock companies. I had so many questions. How did she hear about these Ottawa Interlock companies? Are Ottawa landscape designers affordable? Lisa’s yard was so beautiful that it could have been featured on a landscape Ottawa magazine cover because of its sheer elegance.

I admired the new pool deck for a few moments and was certain that it was a new wooden floor. To my surprise, Lisa told me that the deck was concrete slab made out of a new material called Borealis. I was astonished. Not only did the deck look like wood, but it felt like wood beneath my feet, too. This backyard had changed my perspective on the landscape Ottawa market.

Here are five things I learned from Lisa, as she told me more about Borealis and Ottawa interlock companies:

  1. Ottawa Interlock companies are professional installers of Borealis
  2. Borealis is a concrete slab that mimics wood and is available in three different tones: Hazelnut Brandy, Sauvignon Oak, and Smoked Pine.
  3. Borealis is a low maintenance material once it is installed because the risk of the slabs cracking over the change of seasons is minimal
  4. Landscape Ottawa designers will create a personalized haven that will suit you and complement your lifestyle.
  5. Landscape Ottawa designers are all about making you fall in love with your property all over again.

After learning this information from my good friend, I went online to obtain a quote for my own landscape upgrade. I wondered if it would be worth all the work to get my landscape redone since my property is much smaller than Lisa’s. However, I was reassured that I did not need to have a large backyard to invest in a new landscape. I was pleased with the quote, and decided that spring 2015 was the time for me to get some landscape work done thanks to all the good things I had heard about Ottawa interlock companies.

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