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An Ottawa Landscaper ’s Guide to Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas

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An opportunity to make your backyard into a retreat and mecca of open, tranquil and useful space is one of the delights of homeownership that can be possible with the help of some Ottawa Landscapers. There are several considerations if you are a parent and would like your children to learn, be safe and entertained in your outdoor space, while you enjoy the space with other adults. Giving your children a unique “zone” in the retreat of the outdoors, will inspire them, keep them entertained and give them ample opportunity for unstructured play and exploration- contributing to both their physical and social development.

An Ottawa landscaper can present you with a model and design that will meet your unique outdoor vision, offer ideas and recommendations: varied vegetation, paving stones and interlocking of various textures,  materials and colours. Keeping in mind your family’s age, needs, interests and size- here are some ideas from some local Ottawa landscapers:

  1. An elevated space:Having an elevated space for adults will allow you to keep an eye on children while you enjoy cocktails or summer bbq’s in the space where you entertain your adult friends.
  2. Ottawa landscapers also recommend creating a sandy zone: Children enjoy the freedom of playing in the sand and you will never need worry about injuries as the rascals run or horseplay. Adding small pebbles to the space can create textures for their feet and digging activities. For small children, a confined sand box is suitable, while older children will enjoy a more open sand space that mixes well with other structures in the backyard.
  3. A teepee or tree house/shack: Giving your children a space to retreat to in their home backyard will provide semi- private time to enjoy their outdoors alone or with their friends. This will allow them to keep out of the sun or elements. It will also give them opportunities for unstructured play.
  4. A children’s garden: According to some Ottawa landscapers, giving your children an opportunity to grow their own plants, herbs, vegetables and flowers will not only teach them gardening skills that last a lifetime, it will also empower their confidence and give them opportunities to share the fruits of their labour with others.  Children will learn to respect the natural world, as well as develop their sense of responsibility. These gardens can be easily enclosed with interlocking.
  5. Water space:  Children love playing and messing around in waters. A small shallow pond or stream will allow children to wade in waters, step through pebbles and rocks. Creating the effect of tumbling waters will create a serene sound to be enjoyed by all and will keep children entertained and experimenting as they float small toys and experience the sensory delights of play in water. Planting water-friendly vegetation will attract outdoor creatures like: dragonflies, frogs, butterflies and other insects- a child wonderland for experiential learning. A covering will ensure safety for small children.
  6. An Ottawa landscaper also recommends swings:  Nostalgic childhood memories will grow as children float on swings, semi- covered or shaded, and hopefully take little naps after their outdoor play- happy child, moms and dads!
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