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Why Are White Landscaping Rocks Having a Moment?

And What Can You Achieve By Using Them In Your Backyard?

For as long as landscaping has been a concept, rocks have been used to bring variety and texture to an area. Sometimes these rocks are stacked, sometimes these rocks are spread out, and sometimes they’re used in a way similar to mulch or gravel.

In the past, colourful rocks were in. From the reds to the blacks to the greys and otherwise, they helped to bring an air of vibrancy to their respective landscapes.

Now, however, white rocks are having their moment. Wondering why this might be? Then read on because we’re going to discuss the huge popularity of white landscaping rock.

How to Use Rocks in Landscaping

First, you might be wondering: how are rocks used in landscaping? There are many ways to use rocks, including the following:

Raised Beds

One option is to use rock in a raised garden bed. This generally entails using small stones or pebbles and spreading them throughout the confines of an entire garden bed.

When you use rocks in this manner, you can still root flowers and other plants into them. The plants will continue to grow throughout the year and will pop against the neutral background of the rocks.

Rock Pathways

Rocks are often used in pathways as well. There are several ways to go about doing this.

One option is to use small pebbles and spread them evenly throughout the walkway area. Another option is to use rock pavers and space them out step-length apart. You could also use rocks to line a walkway, giving it a colour contrast and providing a very obvious physical boundary.

Pond Border

Maybe you have a pond or several ponds throughout your yard? If so, you might consider enhancing their aesthetics by lining them with something.

One common option is to line them with rocks. Rocks serve as terrific borders for ponds, as they’re easy to line up, hard to move inadvertently, and not affected by water.

Stone Walls

Another option for using rocks in landscaping is to build them into a wall. This generally entails using large rocks, as these are easier and more practical to stack.

For instance, you might stack two or three flat, long rocks and place them on the edge of your garden. This essentially creates a fence between your garden and the rest of your property, all the while establishing an obvious colour contrast.

You could also use stacked white rocks to line your walkways. This would give the walkways a unique aesthetic while also helping to contain individuals who walk through your property.

The options are endless here, so give a call to your local landscaper and see what they can come up with.

Holding Back Sloping Yards

Does your yard possess a tremendous amount of back slope? If so, it’s ultra-prone to erosion and could have trouble maintaining its aesthetics through heavy storms.

What you might not realize, though, is that you can use rocks to hold soil in place and keep erosion to a minimum. If you’re interested in doing this, contact your local landscaper.

What Can You Achieve By Using White Rocks?

You mean other than getting that immaculate bohemian-meets-modern-and-Mediterranean-vibe aesthetic? Yeah, there are some extra benefits of using white rocks in your landscape.

Makes Colours Pop

White rocks let colours pop. Because they’re so neutral, they offer an instant visual contrast with all other colours.

So, you could put, say, flowers over a white rock bed, and those flowers would practically burst aesthetically. They would instantly stand out, bringing elegance and vibrancy to the landscape.

The same is true of other landscaping elements as well, from lawn ornaments to furniture and more. So, give white rocks a chance and see what they can do for the overall aesthetic of your property.

Visually Create Sharper Borders

A vital component of good landscaping is creating borders so that different design elements are separated and contrasted against one another. In many cases, mulch is used to create these borders.

The issue with using mulch, however, is that it often leaves borders looking messy and uneven. This is where rock can make a difference. Rock can be lined up to create an exceedingly sharp and strong border, much stronger than what you’ll get with mulch.

Lighten the Space

There are rocks of all different colours available out there. However, none of them quite offers the neutral quality of white. White stones serve as the perfect backdrop for just about anything, lightening the space so that other design elements can shine.

So, if you’re looking to establish a truly neutral baseline for your property, give white rocks some consideration. It will provide your property with a light and airy atmosphere.

Adds Mediterranian Vibes

The Mediterranean coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world. It’s frequently associated with luxury and vibrancy. It’s also characterized by white rock.

This is one of the reasons that it’s so popular to use white rocks in landscaping. The white rocks evoke the Meditteranean and therefore provide the yard with an air of luxury. We know not’s not quite the same as being in the Mediterranean, but having that aesthetic it’s like being there, so there’s that.

Tips for Cleaning White Landscaping Rocks

White landscaping rocks tend to get dirty fairly quickly. They’re white, after all, and tend to show all the residue that ends up on them. As such, you need to clean these rocks regularly.

There are many ways to go about doing this. First, you should try using simple dish soap. If this doesn’t work, and if your rocks are stained, you should try mixing baking soda or white vinegar with water and soaking the rocks in the solution.

A power washer can also be effective in cleaning white landscaping rocks. So, if a baking powder or white vinegar solution isn’t successful, turn to the power washer.

Looking to Integrate White Landscaping Rock Into Your Property?

There are all sorts of landscaping rock options. Right now, however, white landscaping rock reigns supreme.

Are you interested in integrating white rocks into your property? Need rocks for landscaping? If so and if you’re in the Ottawa area, we here at Jonathan Robert Landscapes have you covered.

Not only will we supply you with rocks, but we’ll also help you carry out your home landscaping project. Contact us today to start drawing up your landscaping project layout.

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