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Decorating your Patio for the Holidays

How To Make Your Backyard More Christmassy?

It’s time to decorate as we enter the most wonderful time of you. You better watch out and you better not forget about decorating your outdoor space as you begin to prepare for the holiday season.

Christmas lights are typically the go-to decoration choice for many homeowners, but you might be asking yourself, “how do I make my backyard more Christmassy?”

Don’t worry. This guide will go over numerous ideas for outdoor Christmas decorations. Your house will be the jolliest on the block once you add these festive touches to your yard.

How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Holiday Oasis

All of our Christmas decoration ideas are budget-friendly. You won’t break the bank as you jazz up your yard this year.

To get started, create a theme for your outdoor decorations. Having a cohesive theme will ensure that your yard doesn’t look too cluttered with a lot of different patterns and colours going on.

Some popular Christmas decoration theme ideas include:

  • Winter wonderland
  • Rustic Christmas
  • Whimsical Christmas
  • Beach themed Christmas
  • Vibrant, non-traditional colours
  • Santa’s workshop
  • Black and white
  • Traditional red and green

Selecting your theme beforehand will help you hone in on all the decorations you purchase.

Tips for a Great Holiday Patio

Below are some of our top tips for creating a patio that rivals the north pole. Mrs. Claus and holiday elves are optional.

Decorate Your Plants

Your trees, shrubs, and other greenery are part of your outdoor landscaping. Why not bring them into whatever holiday scene you create outside?

Depending upon your theme and colour palette, decorate your plants with different decorations. String lights on them and hang colourful ornaments.

Your plants will naturally become part of the Christmas scene you’re creating. An even bigger bonus is the fact that they’re already planted in your yard. You have free decorations already built-in.

Set the Scene With Props

Props and accessories will bring your backyard Christmas decorations to life. The possibilities are endless, but you can narrow down your options depending upon what your theme is.

To add additional lighting that’s not just twinkle lights, put lanterns inside of DIY gift boxes. Not only will you illuminate your yard, but they’ll be packaged inside of something festive. You can even add gift tags with the names of family members on them.

If a winter wonderland is your theme, find an old pallet to make a DIY snowman. Measure out the size of snow mounds that you need, cut, and then paint. You can add your own hat and scarf to bring Frosty to life.

You can also scrounge the local salvage yard for some tires. Paint them white, stack them on top of one another, and voila. You have a snowman that won’t melt if the weather gets above freezing.

Fill the Trees With Lights

We talked earlier about decorating the plants in your yard. Don’t forget about the larger trees around your property. It might take a tall ladder and someone who isn’t afraid of heights, but you can add sparkling twinkle lights to all of the trees in your yard.

Add Colours

Depending upon what your theme is, you’ll want to add in additional pops of colour. One good idea on how to add colour is hanging oversized ornaments from your trees. If you don’t have any large trees in your yard, you can also hang the ornaments from hooks around your yard.

Prepare Furniture for Winter and Decorate

While you can leave your furniture outside during the winter, it’s important to winterize it. You don’t want all of your furniture to become damaged during the cold months of the year.

Clean your furniture and apply a protective sealant before you cover or store it for winter. The methods of cleaning vary depending upon the material of your furniture.

Once they’re cleaned, you’ll need to determine how you want to protect them from the elements. You can use plastic wrap or a tarp to cover your outdoor furniture. You can also invest in patio furniture covers that you can reuse each year.

If you have the storage space, you can store your furniture indoors. We still recommend you get a few lightweight furniture covers to protect the furniture from dust and leaks.

Create a Cozy Spot Near the Fire Pit

Even if it’s cold outside, it can still be enjoyable to spend some time in your yard, especially if you have a fire pit. You can add a few stumps and logs around your fire pit to create a cosy area for you and your family to enjoy. Look into repurposing wooden pallets and crates as well.

If you particularly enjoy the snow, you can make a snow fort. Make compact snow piles for everyone to sit on. They’ll harden as it gets cold, making the perfect surface to sit on.

Add Some Snowmen and Igloos

Earlier we talked about some great DIY ideas for making snowmen. You don’t have to live in a cold area to enjoy snow and ice.

Depending on where you live, you can hire a company that will come to your home and make artificial snow. Host a block party with all of your neighbours as the kids sledge down little snow hills. You can also use artificial snow yourself by spraying it on the outside of your windows.

You can also make faux igloos and piles of snowballs with styrofoam balls. Artfully pile them around a battery-powered tea light. The light will peek out between the cracks.

So, How Do I Make My Backyard More Christmassy?

Hopefully, we’ve answered the burning question of “how do I make my backyard more Christmassy?” There are so many ideas and themes for decorating backyards for Christmas. While decorating the inside of your home is important, you’ll bring joy to your neighbours by adding decorations outside as well.

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