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Pergola Roof Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Creating an Outdoor Oasis With a Pergola

Warm summer weather means enjoying the outdoors. You can have a picnic in the park, sit by the water, or play sports on a local court. Or you can do these activities in the comfort of your own backyard.

Your backyard presents a unique opportunity to create an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Unfortunately, sometimes the summer heat can create an unwelcoming environment that sends us back inside.

That’s where a pergola comes in, and these pergola roof ideas can make your backyard patio or deck much more enjoyable in the summer heat.

What’s The Point Of Having a Pergola?

Pergolas make being outside much more enjoyable by protecting you from the harsh elements. They can block out the sun and close up to allow you to sit outside in the rain.

But a pergola also offers you an opportunity to dress up your outdoor space.

Defines Your Backyard Space

You can create a defining space in your backyard with a pergola. Extend your living space outside and use your pergola to create a defined area for relaxing or dining.

Under your pergola, set up outdoor sofas and chairs to create a living area for you and your guests to relax and talk in comfort. You can also add a dining table to eat your meals al fresco.

Adds Value To Your Home

Outdoor living is high on the list of must-have extras for many homeowners. A pergola provides the space for you to enjoy being outside, extending your total living space outside and making it comfortable.

Any kind of addition to an outdoor living space will add value to your home. The key to getting back the most value is to balance the size of the pergola with the size of your home.

It’s also important to remember that the return on investment will differ depending on where you live. Warmer locations with outdoor living are more likely to see a higher return than areas with cooler temperatures for most of the year.

That being said, homeowners who build a pergola have reported about a 54.9% return on their investment.

More Room To Display Plants

If you’re a lover of greenery, there are many creative ways to upgrade a pergola using plants. The pergola structure is ideal for climbing vines and plants like ivy and wisteria.

You can also use pergolas as a way to display your potted plants. Hang planters off the pergola roofs or add hooks to the pergola columns where you can show off houseplants, herbs, and flowers.

What Are The Cons Of A Pergola?

Like any home addition, pergolas have a few downsides. Although they don’t seem to outweigh all the positive reasons, you should build a pergola in your backyard.

For many homeowners, one of the biggest cons is the maintenance required after building the pergola. You’ll have to clean it regularly and sometimes treat the wood. Over time, the wood may also fade, especially when exposed to light. So painting and staining can be a large portion of maintenance.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest cons of termites. Some woods like cedar and pine are as suitable for termites, but that doesn’t prevent them from gnawing on your pergola. You can use preventative maintenance to slow down their progress.

What Are The Pros Of Pergola?

But there are also a ton of positive reasons that you should add a pergola to your backyard. For starters, they aren’t super expensive. As far as home additions go—particularly outdoor ones—pergolas are a budget-friendly renovation option.

They’re also durable structures made to withstand the elements. Your pergola will be long-lasting enough for you to enjoy sitting underneath it for years to come.

Pergolas will also upgrade your overall backyard design. They’re timeless, so they’ll never go out of style. And you have options of customizing or improving your pergola to fit your tastes.

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Add Shade To A Pergola With These Roof Ideas

One of the biggest benefits of a pergola is the shade it provides when sitting outside. If you’re wondering how to add shade to a pergola, you have a few options.

Retractable Roof

Retractable roofs on your pergola give you the best of both worlds. These often come in the form of awnings that you can pull over the pergola structure to give you extra protection from the sun.

You can also get a pergola with a louvred roof that allows you to move the slats of the pergola to block out the sun. This method still allows you to have an open roof.

Tension Fabric

Tension fabrics are stretched taut over the pergola roof to maintain the temperature under the structure. These fabrics are often made to block out harmful UV rays and come in a variety of colours and styles to fit your backyard design.

Classic Canopy

Canopies are another fabric option to add over your pergola to keep it a comfortable place to stay. Unlike tension fabrics, canopies are a loser, adding a softer, more classic, or romantic look to your pergola.

Roof Extension

You can extend your current roof into a pergola. This is an especially great idea if you already have a covered deck or patio but want more outdoor space that isn’t totally covered.

You can also connect a pergola to your home via the roof to make the structure look built-in rather than an addition.

Solid Panels

Adding a solid panel to the roof of your pergola is more similar to having a traditional covered patio. These offer the most protection from harsh elements like sun and rain.

Climbing Plants

Plants can also add some shade if you let them mature. Choose lush plants that like to climb and vine, like royal trumpet vine and bougainvillaea. This is also one of the most aesthetic ways to add shade to a pergola.

The Takeaway – Is Building A Pergola Worth it?

A pergola in your backyard is a great option if you like to spend time outdoors. It’s a great way to create a comfortable place for you to relax or dine in your backyard.

It can also be a great way to add value if you live in an area where outdoor living is sought after. So is building a pergola worth it? Most experts will say yes. But you should consider your lifestyle and backyard wants before making a final decision.

Are you ready to transform your backyard into one that looks like it was featured in a design magazine? Jonathan Roberts Landscapes can help you transform your outdoor space. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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