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Pros of Working with an In-House Landscape Designer

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The Advantages of Working with an In-House Designer Instead of a Third-Party

A landscape construction company and landscape designer are two separate entities that must work together seamlessly to achieve a beautiful product the client will love.

Though they are separate, they support one another in many aspects of the project. And how close they are and how well they communicate will determine the quality, aesthetic, and overall result of the project.

When planning a landscaping project, consider these major advantages of working with a company that performs both duties.

What’s the Difference Between A Designer and Landscaper?

A designer will design your new landscape, while a landscaper will do the physical work of executing the designer’s plan.

A landscape designer will also work with you to create a landscape design based on your individual needs and vision for your property. They will make a thorough assessment of your property, take site measurements, grades, and photos, and with  a list of your preferences and budget, will work out a design that meets or exceeds your overall needs.

Why It’s Beneficial To Work with A Company That Does Both

Working with a design-build landscaping company is a more efficient approach to landscaping and will benefit you in the following ways:

Clearer Budget

Landscape designers who work in-house with contractors understand the construction methods and costs involved for landscaping projects, so they can provide a clearer project estimate for you and your landscaping needs.

Clearer Timeline and ETA for Completion

Working with a design-build team also means the designer will have a better grasp of how long a project will take to complete. Their experience working with their team of landscapers means they know the estimated timeframe for finishing various types of projects.

The designer doesn’t have to hand over their design plan to another company and guess how long it will take for the contractors to complete the project.

Brainstorming Made Easy

A significant advantage of having an in-house designer working with the landscape contractors is idea creation throughout the project planning and execution phases. If a project is nearing your budget limit, the designers can make adjustments to materials or methods without the need to go over budget or have a complete redesign.

Both Professional Aspects Work in Unison to Create a Conceptual Design

When working with a design-build landscaping company, you get the best of both worlds—the professional expertise of the designer combined with the professional expertise of the builder—contributing to the conceptual design plan.

Both designers and landscapers have strengths and expertise when it comes to landscaping. So having both types of landscaping professionals working together means a better, more efficient design that works for your landscape.

Nothing Gets Lost in Translation

The more parties involved in a project, the greater the risk for confusion. If you use a design-only company, there is a risk of the design details getting lost in translation if a landscaper doesn’t thoroughly understand the third-party design plan.

But when working with a design-build landscaping company, the landscapers have a thorough understanding of the design plan and how it is intended to be built since they work closely with the designers.

Creative Partnership Leaves Less Room For Miscommunication.

Quality control is a top priority for everyone involved in the landscaping project. And when working with a design-build team, there is a creative partnership in place to ensure both sides are working in tandem towards the same goal and striving for quality work each step of the way. With both the landscaper and designer on the same page, this leaves less room for any miscommunication, ensuring that your vision is met.

Precise Execution

There is less risk of delays and unforeseen costs when working with a design-build team since they can execute the landscaping plan efficiently and precisely by communicating directly with one another.

Plus, when working with a third-party designer’s plans, a landscaper may not be able to execute the plan accurately. They could encounter setbacks from misreading the plan and not having a clear understanding of the project plan each step of the way since they didn’t work with the designer.

Easy Communication

Design-build teams have direct communication with each other throughout the project, instead of having to go through a third-party to communicate.

Landscape designers are also on-site checking in with their build team regularly so they can ensure the project is being completed properly. This also enables them to work through any issues that might arise promptly and with ease.

The Takeaway

In order to achieve a seamless landscaping project, consider working with a landscaping company that uses the design-build approach with both landscape designers and contractors working together to create a landscape you will love.

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