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Using Natural Armour Stone in Landscape Design in Ottawa

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“Natural” seems to be a buzzword for all kinds of good things these days. It implies something coming from nature, organic, or an object agreeing with its surroundings. These terms can be applied to all landscape design properties. Landscape design Ottawa professionals will tell you that one of those popular and natural choices for landscape design right now is natural stone, specifically armour stone.

Armour stone is a type of natural stone that is usually uncut in large quarried blocks for retaining walls or decorative garden accents, although homeowners are using it now for larger installations, walkways and even fire pits, for its durability, interesting character and low maintenance. Depending on where you live, there may be a type of natural stone local to your region, such as armour, granite or limestone.

Using natural stone is another option for many homeowners who are interested in landscape design in Ottawa. They can choose to use natural stone, as opposed to interlocking concrete—but the two can be also used together. Concrete is most often used on streets, driveways, steps, pool decks and some walkways. It is easy for landscape design professionals to install interlocking stone because it is versatile and comes in many sizes, colours and textures.

At first, you might think it is crazy to combine two different types of materials into your landscape design. But interlocking paving, with its solid, crisp finish, and natural stone with its classic look and earthy tones combine to make a long-lasting stunning feature for your home. Many people choose to have a mixture of both for pathways, retaining walls and patios. Natural stone is not just for elaborate, high-end installations anymore. There are many ideas out there now for ways to use only natural stone or a combination of different stones. Usually no two natural stones look alike—a feature many people like–so you know you will have something special for your home.

When you’re deciding on which type of stone or interlocking concrete to use, think about what you want to achieve with your landscape design. Ottawa homeowners should think about functionality, visual appeal, maintenance and durability. Whether it is a big or small installation or landscape design, Ottawa homeowners should know that it could increase the value of your property. It gives the outside of your home a lift with proper craftsmanship, requires a bit of an investment (although some installations may not cost as much as you think) and like any renovation, increases your home’s worth.

A landscape professional will know which pieces work together and how to achieve the look you want while still maintaining years of use. Landscape design professionals in Ottawa will also know how to properly cut and install the stone so it stays and place and has enough room to drain water. It is your house, so you should feel free to get creative and have something a little different than everyone else on the street.

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