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A Perfect Gift for a Plant Lover

We’re Bringing The Specifics!

Are you trying to find the best Valentine’s Day gift for somebody who loves plants?

If you don’t know a lot about plants, it can be difficult to shop for a plant lover. You probably don’t know what kinds of plants they already have or what they’ll love the most. This is why it’s important to inform yourself about some of the most popular plants for giving to people on Valentine’s Day. It’s a special gesture to give somebody a plant for Valentine’s Day. Unlike giving flowers that will eventually wilt, a plant will keep on growing for many years. This is why plants are the ultimate way to give a gift that keeps on giving.

If you want to find out how to buy the perfect holiday gift, keep reading and find out what you need to know.

Can’t Go Wrong With Roses

Roses symbolize passionate love. This is why people have been giving them as Valentine’s Day gifts for many centuries. Consider giving a plant lover a planted rose bush if you want to fill their hearts with joy.

They’ll probably enjoy planting the bush outside and watching it grow. This is why it’s one of the most popular green thumb gifts.


If you live somewhere with a warm climate, jasmine is a great gift idea because it will thrive outdoors. If you live in a colder environment, it’s possible to grow jasmine indoors.

Many people call Jasmine “the flower of memories” because it’s a plant that many people associate with remembrance. It grows quickly and it doesn’t need much attention.


Orchids are one of the most mystical plants on the planet. Since there are so many varieties, chances are that a plant lover will not already have the variety of orchids you buy for them. Since it’s so difficult to propagate them, you’ll know that you’re buying a truly unique gift.

Sweetheart Cactus

This cactus is a slow-growing plant. It has perfectly heart-shaped leaves that sprout from stems that can be up to four meters long. Its special leaves make it one of the most romantic flowers that you can buy for somebody.

This is a plant that easily grows indoors. It’s also a plant that is easy to propagate.


Myrtle is a popular evergreen shrub that comes from Europe. It has lance-shaped leaves that shine in the sun. It produces fragrant flowers that are white and rosy.

There are many great uses for myrtle. Not only is it ornamental, but people can also use it to create aromatic liquors such as mirto. There are also many Mediterranean recipes that make use of the plant’s berries.

Myrtle also has medicinal properties. For example, people often use it to treat scalp conditions.

Since this plant has so many great uses and is so beautiful, it is one of the top gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Lilly of the Valley

This sweetly-scented plant has beautiful flowers that are shaped like bells. People often use the plant during wedding ceremonies, which means that it can be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.

It’s also a plant that has the ability to withstand cold temperatures. This is why it’s a great plant to grow outdoors if you live in Canada.


This plant has vibrant purple leaves which attract the attention of various kinds of pollinating insects. Even though the plant is native to Africa, it now grows all over the world.

Plant lovers will enjoy being gifted violets because they stay in bloom all year round. There are many varieties of violets, which means that even if a plant lover already has violet in their garden, chances are that the flower you choose to gift them will be different from the ones that they already have.

A Moss Terrarium

If you are looking for a DIY gift idea, you can’t go wrong with creating a moss terrarium. All you need to start is to get your hands on a terrarium.

You might consider taking a look through your local classifieds to find one that’s used. You can also go to a pet shop or a flower shop to buy a new one.

You should then go on a field trip to collect interesting mosses and other plants or seeds that you come across while walking in a park or a forest.

Moss Balls

You can find moss balls in many lakes in the Northern hemisphere. Even though many people in the West are not familiar with moss balls, they have actually been popular in the East for a very long time. In Japanese culture, people consider it a sign of prestige to give somebody moss balls.

Most people don’t realize that moss balls are actually a kind of algae. Sadly, their population has been in decline during the last few years. This is why it’s a rare and unique plant to gift somebody on Valentine’s Day.

Gift a Backyard

If you want to express your love in a way that a plant lover will never forget, you should consider gifting a backyard. You might consider offering to remodel their yard so that it is filled with plants that they enjoy.

If you gift a backyard to a plant lover, you should do your best to make sure that you create the yard in a sustainable way.

Give a Plant Lover a Gift They Will Never Forget

Even if you yourself know next to nothing about plants, it’s easy to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for a plant lover. Consider choosing a plant that has beautiful flowers and that will survive cold winters. You can also gift a plant that can be grown indoors.

If you’re looking for help in knowing how to give a gift that a plant lover will enjoy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you do create an outdoor landscape to make your backyard into a place for retreat.


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