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Get Feng Shui in Your Garden

Implementing China’s Art of Placement

The traditional Chinese belief system is of great interest to people looking for peace of mind. One of its tenets is known as Ba Gua, which states that people should structure their life honouring the forces of the universe. If you’re looking to live in peace and harmony, then it is important to consider the exact placement of your future garden, the direction where the plants will be planted, and the layout of the garden.

How to Improve Interaction and Communication in Your Garden

Hundreds of years ago, Feng Shui was not just a popular term for the way your living space should be set up but was the system of geomancy that shows how an individual can improve their lives through a better understanding of their environment. With this in mind, it’s worth looking at ways you can improve the Feng Shui in your garden.

You can start with your front door, your gate, and your driveway. These entrances need to be welcoming – not disruptive. Consider adding plants that are known to be great at repelling negative energy around the gate or door. Citrus trees are one of these plants.  Not only do they look fun and smell good, but the vibe they bring is just the one you need.

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How to Properly Use Rocks in Your Garden or Back

No matter how much time you spend toiling away in your garden, it doesn’t really matter if the space is not Feng Shui friendly. There are few things that can kill a garden more than an improperly planned space. Luckily, there are ways to use Feng Shui to continue to enjoy the beauty of your garden.

Rocks are one of the most important parts of Feng Shui. If you place them correctly, you can help your garden flourish. They help to balance out the elements and provide your garden with an overall sense of peace. The first thing you can do is to line your garden with rocks. They should be laid out in accordance with the five elements; earth, water, metal, wood, and fire.

How to Use Feng Shui Principles to Properly Plant an Elegant Backyard or Front Yard

Are you one of those people who feel like they are missing the beauty of the outdoors because they don’t have a proper outdoor space? Do you want to make your outdoor space more inviting and in tune with the natural world? Start by getting in tune with your surroundings. Locate your plants according to basic principles, following the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  You will also divide your garden into zones:


This is a zone that represents your path in life and is focusing on your career and life’s mysteries. You can install a water feature here, like a birdbath, for example. Use dark colours and rocks. The best plants for the north are fig, mulberry, apricot, cedar, pine, camphor, peach, willow, elm or hackberry for example.

North East

The Northeast section is all about pursuing personal and spiritual growth and represents wisdom and knowledge. Here, you can plant some lucky cabbage for example. Create a waved pathway and add some earthy elements like wood or rocks.


The East should be planted with flowers and vegetables, as well as with herbs and spices, representing health and longevity. The dominant element here is wood and the colour green. Here, you can also plant palms and bamboos.

South East

This part should symbolize wealth. Wood and water should be the main stars of this section. You can add a fountain and some low growing bushes and flowers. The dominant colour here should be purple.


This is the section for success and fame. The dominant element here is fire, which is perfect for placing a grill or a firepit. For the colours – think red, orange, purple and pink.

South West

The Southwest should represent love and pureness; it represents your relationships and attractions, so fill this section with pink, red, yellow and orange blooms. You’ll want your pathways open and the area inviting. Also, keep your furniture here in pairs.


This is a family area and its main element is metal. The dominant colour is white which symbolizes purity and harmony. Play with colours and use some grey for example. Use metal furniture and rocks. Magnolia or jasmine would look perfect in this section.

North West

This part symbolizes support and guidance. Metal is dominant here too, and for the colours – think brown, white and golden. Gardenia and magnolia are good plants choices.

Feng Shui Tips for Small Yards or Other Limited Spaces

You don’t have to have a huge space to add some peace and calmness to your environment. What is important in this situation is focusing on which elements you feel most connected to, what plants bring you joy and what colours make you calmer. You can use the basic principles in your small backyard as well – the rules are the same. The most important part is to declutter and clean every inch of your backyard and then start from scratch. For small places, bright colours and wooden furniture could help turn your surrounding into an oasis. Think big – bigger plants and larger paving stones.

The Takeaway

At first, Feng Shui might sound intimidating and difficult to create, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The most important part of the whole story is to create an inviting and calming space where you can thrive. Be patient and organized, but if you need help, call us and we’ll be there. Request a quote today.

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